Friday, February 3, 2012

FIRE ritual for Imbolc/Brigid

The VORTEX and Tejas Web present
Two Nights of Theatrical Ritual honoring
The Element of FIRE

When: Friday and Saturday,
February 3-4, 2012 8pm
Two Nights Only!

Where: The Yard @ The VORTEX

Admission: Free!

Donations Welcome.

Also accepting Baby Formula and Food donations for SafePlace Pantry.

Celebrate Imbolc with VORTEX performers and witches of Tejas Web as we turn the
wheel. Gather outside in The Yard @ The VORTEX for a magical honoring of the
Element that has shaped our lives in Central Texas so much this past year. We
will also honor Brigid, Triple Goddess of Poetry, Healing, and Smithcraft, as
well as the energies of Pele, Phoenix, Golden Lion, and Dragon.

With the severe drought, burn ban, and devastating Wild Fires, VORTEX postponed
the full production of The Elementals: FIRE, choosing instead to honor FIRE with
2 nights of ritual including candle magic, singing, storytelling, cauldron work,
and fire-dancing. If we get rain and there is no burn ban, there will gather
around the hearth fire.

Inbolc, the 1st of February belongs to Brigid, (Brighid, Brigit, Bride), Celtic
goddess and Christian Saint. Her ancient festival on February 1 was known as
Imbolc, a time that marks the first lactating of the ewes, the flow of milk that
heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. The Catholic Church
replaced this festival with Candlemas on February 2, dedicated to the Virgin
Mary and featuring candlelight processions.